MapleLeaf Software

was founded in 2002 to address the growing needs for qualified embedded software engineering skills in a variety of technologies and products. MapleLeaf has built its reputation for developing quality software on a foundation of experience, engineering process and best practices and a commitment to our customers’ success.

MapleLeaf has the ability to help your project move from the drawing board to the marketplace in the following areas:

  • Develop system requirements
  • Establish a software development environment
  • Choose an operating system that will meet the needs of the system
  • Configure reference platforms that will allow initial prototyping and application development to begin
  • Configure a version control and bug tracking systems
  • Establish engineering processes for software development
  • Work with hardware engineers to perform custom board bring-up including bootloader and
    operating system
  • Device driver development
  • Establish a framework for application development
  • Application architecture
  • All levels of application development through graphical user interfaces
  • Training at all levels of development

MapleLeaf has experience with both Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS’s) as well as with embedded Linux under a variety of PowerPC, MIPS, ARM and Intel microprocessors. We have a significant background in telecommunications and networking in both wired and wireless (802.11) networking. We are glad to help with any or all of these needs. Our primary goal is to make you and your product successful.


Skill Summary

  • Experience developing embedded systems software for a variety of applications.
  • Experience with several Real-Time Operating Systems including VxWorks and OSE as well as with Linux in an embedded environment.
  • Capable of developing at all levels of embedded software including boot loaders, board support packages (BSP’s), software upgrade, board and system initialization, application communication using IP (TCP and UDP) and high-level applications including Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Significant experience in defining and constructing development environments, network configurations, and in the use of scripting languages for building tools to ease development and automate software build and test.
  • Specializing in troubleshooting both software and hardware problems using emulators and source-level debugging.
  • Development experience in 802.11 wireless including enterprise-class wireless systems.